Campaign Configuration: Access Control

Learn how to manage the access to campaign settings in our quick guide to Campaign Configuration: Access Control.

The Access Control tab allows you to manage access to the campaign settings for Buyer users.

To view and configure the access settings, go to the Client Management > Setup > Campaigns section, select the campaign from the list, click the “Configure” button, and go to the “Access control” tab.

AccessControlUPDThe “Permissions” block allows users with the System Admin role to view and configure the access permissions for users with the Buyer Editor role to the campaign settings.

You can select the preferable option by marking the following checkboxes:

  • View the campaign
  • Allow adding Buyer Disposition
  • Change price of the campaign
  • View status of the campaign
  • Change status of the campaign from paused to active
  • Change Timezone
  • View the schedule
  • View source denylist
  • Edit pre minute cost
  • View the duplicates
  • View the filters
  • Edit the filters
  • View the flexible filters
  • Edit the flexible filters
  • View the tracking
  • View the integration
  • View the notification
  • View the non-accept notification
  • View the filter by TPS
  • View Phone/IVR (Call Logic only)
  • View SIP Headers (Call Logic only)

Note: permissions apply only to the Buyer Editor users. Please make sure that the user has permission to edit the campaign. (The checkbox Edit is active in the “Edit” column of the “Buyer users” block).

The “Buyer users” block contains the list of Buyer users. To view the user profile page, select the user from the list and click the “View” button in the “Actions” column, which redirects you to the System Users > Buyer Settings > Buyer Representative section.

To view and manage permission groups for a user, select the user from the list and click the “Permissions” button in the “Action” columns.

Set up the permission group(s) in the pop-up window and click the “OK” button to complete.

To view, create, and configure the list of users in the “Buyer users” block, click the “Manage” button. You will be redirected to the “Users” tab of the Buyer configuration page in the Client Management > Buyers list section.