Campaign Configuration: Campaign groups

Wondering how to manage campaign groups? Check our short guide to the Campaign Configuration: Campaign groups tab for more information.

The “Campaign groups” tab allows you to add the Campaign to the Campaign groups and manage them which makes it easier for you to manage multiple campaigns simultaneously.

Note: The rules you set on the Campaign Group level are applied to all Campaigns within this group. 

To view the Campaign Groups tab, go to the Client Management > Setup > Campaigns section and click the “Configure” button for the Campaign. 


You can add the current Campaign to the Campaign groups with the different rule types in the following tabs: 

  • Cap Group
  • Duplicate Group
  • Reject Group
  • Integration Reject Group
  • Total Sold Group
  • Duplicate Sold Group
  • Cap Fulfillment 

Read more about rules that apply to the Campaign group in this Knowledge Base article.

Select the available Campaign group from the drop-down list, to which you would like to assign the current campaign in the “Add current campaign to group” field, and click the “Add” button to save. 

All of the Campaign groups that contain the Campaign will be represented in the corresponding tab. The Campaign group blocks contain the following information: 

  • Campaign: The name of the Campaign. 
  • Buyer: The name of the Buyer.
  • Product: The name of the Product. 
  • Campaign Status: The status of the Campaign. 


To add another Campaign to the Campaign Group, click the “Add Campaign to Group” button and select the Campaign from the drop-down list in the “Add New Campaign” pop-up window. Click the “Add” button to proceed. 


To remove the Campaign from the Campaign group, click the “Remove” button in the Actions column and confirm the action in the “Remove from group” pop-up window.