Event Tracking Type: Post Lead to LMS

The Post Lead to LMS tracking type allows you to send the LMS lead into the system using the POST method when the selected trigger event takes place.

Read more about the Event Tracking feature and its configuration in the “Event Tracking (LMS / Call Logic)” Knowledge Base article.

This rule can be configured on the Product level only. Read more about Tracking Rule setting up on the Product level in this Knowledge Base article.

To add a Tracking Rule, go to the System Management > Products section, select the Product from the list, and click the “Settings” button in the “Actions” column. Select the “Tracking” tab on the Product Setup page.

To create this tracking rule, fill in the following fields in the “Add Rule” pop-up window:

Trigger: Select the event that triggers the action:
  • [LMS] Lead Sold: The lead is sold through the Campaign.
  • [LMS] Lead Rejected: The lead is not accepted by any Campaign.
  • [LMS] Campaign Rejected: The Campaign has rejected the lead.
  • [LMS] Campaign Sold: The lead was sold to the Сampaign.
  • [LMS] Publisher Earning Received: The Publisher has received earnings.
  • [LMS] Revenue Ping Back: The revenue pingback has been sent.
Action: Select the “Post Lead to LMS” option.

post lead rule

Once you select the preferable event, click the “Next” button to proceed with the setup.

The “Trigger Settings” block allows you to set up additional filters for the selected event. The filter fields are optional. If no filters are set up, the action will be triggered for all the leads that fit the event trigger. 

Depending on the user role and platform, the following filters for trigger settings are available:

  • Method: Select the Method (POST/FORM). 
  • Publisher: Select the Publisher. 
  • Channel: Select the Channel.
  • Source: Select the Source. 
  • Buyer: Select the Buyer. 
  • Campaign: Select the Campaign. 
  • Pingtree: Select the Pingtree. 
  • Price Restrictions: Select the Price restrictions (Price is greater than 0, Price is greater than a certain value, Price is greater than or equal to a certain value, Price is lower than a certain value, Price is lower than or equal to a certain value, Price range inclusive). Note: The “Price range inclusive” value is available only for the “Lead Sold” and “Campaign Sold” triggers.
  • Price Restriction Value: Enter the price value. 
  • Min Price: Enter the minimum price value to trigger the rule by the price range (available only for the “Price range inclusive” value in the “Price Restrictions” field).
  • Max Price: Enter the maximum price value to trigger the rule by the price range (available only for the “Price range inclusive” value in the “Price Restrictions” field).

post lead pop up 1

The “Action Settings / Post Lead to LMS” block allows you to configure the action required for the rule setup:

  • Url: Enter the link where you would like to post the lead.
  • ApiID: Enter the API ID number of the Publisher Channel.
  • ApiPassword: Enter the Api Password of the Publisher Channel.
  • Price:  Enter the price of the lead.

post lead pop up2Enter the Other Data Items using the available placeholders:

  • Parameters:  Enter additional parameters if needed. To view available placeholders, click the “Show available placeholders” button.

Click the “Save Rule” button to confirm.