How to Set up Tipalti as a Payment Method

Find out how to set up Tipalti as a payment method and integrate it with Phonexa’s platform using this short step-by-step instruction.

Note: Tipalti is available for the Publisher as a payment method after setting it up for the platform in Books360.

Follow this setup guide for the Books360 account:

  1. Go to Books360 and select the platform (LMS Sync/Call Logic/Lynx) you want to integrate with Tipalti.
  2. Go to the Account > Settings section, select the “Payout Processing” tab, and click the “Configure” button for the Tipalti broker.

    tipalti 1
    Fill in the required fields in the provided pop-up window:
    • Active: Select the “Enabled” option to activate the payment system.
    • Payer Name: Fill in the name of the payer.
    • Master Key: Insert the copied Tipalti’s master key.
    • Notification Emails (comma separated): Fill in the email address(es) for the payment confirmation notifications.
    • Sandbox: Select the status of the test mode. Please make sure that this option is disabled once the testing is done.

      tipalti 2
      Click the “Save” button to confirm the changes.

  3. To create a payout manually, go to the Publisher Management > Payouts section, select the “Batch Payouts” tab, choose the Publisher with the Tipalti payment type, and click the “Create Payout” button in the “Actions” column.

    Read more about how to set up the Tipalti as a payment method for the Publisher in this Knowledge base article.

    tipalti 3

    Select one or multiple payout dates to include in the current payout in the “Add New Payout” pop-up window:

    tipalti 4.1
    tipalti 4.2
    Click the “Create” button to confirm.
  4. Once the payout(s) are created in the system, you may process them via Tipalti one by one or in batches:
    • To process a single payout, go to the Publisher Management > Payouts section, select the preferable payout from the list, and click the “Pay Via” button. Choose the “Tipalti” option.

      tipalti 5

      Click the “Pay amount” button in the pop-up window.

      tipalti 6
    • To process mass payouts, go to the Publisher Management > Mass Payouts section, select the “Payouts by Type” tab, and view all the payouts listed under Tipalti. Click the “Pay all via Tipalti” button.

      tipalti 7
      tipalti 7.1

      Select the preferable payouts in the pop-up window and click the “Pay” button.

      tipalti 8

  5. Once the payments are requested, the instance owner should go to the Publisher Management > Tipalti Payments section and click the “Approve Payment” button. The payment is processed automatically on Tipalti’s side.

    To cancel the payment, click the “Decline Payment” button. Once the payment is declined or rejected, it can not be reprocessed and you will need to create a new request.

    Note: The payment processing on Tipalti’s side can take up to 5 minutes.

    tipalti 9

    As a result, all the approved transactions will be displayed in Books360 reporting with a “Paid” status.

    tipalti 10

    Read more about setting up the Tipalti payment method for the Publisher in our "Payment Settings" Knowledge Base article.