Lead Deletion

The Lead Deletion feature allows you to delete lead information from the system. Also, you can make a partial deletion of the preselected fields from the lead data.

To view the Lead Delete page, go to the All Reports > Publisher Reports > Lead Search (LMS) / Call Search (Call Logic) section and click the “Delete Mode” button to switch to lead deletion mode.

The Lead Delete report is generated based on the Email or Phone number selected in the corresponding filter and contains the following information:

  • ID: The unique identification number of the lead.

  • Quality: Indicates the number of times the lead with the same unique identifier (email or phone number) has been previously seen in the system.

    • 1st left bubble - within the last 24 hours

    • 2nd from left - within last two weeks

    • 3rd from left - within last 30 days

    • 4th from left - within last 45 days

  • Date: The date and time when the lead entered the system.

  • Status: The status of the lead.

  • Product: The name of the Product.

  • Publisher: The name of the Publisher.

  • Channel: The name of the Publisher channel.

  • Source: The source of the Publisher.

  • Method: The posting method for the Lead.

  • Tier: The lead tier price (Publisher min price for the lead).

  • Redirect: The redirect status of the lead. (For LMS Sync only).

  • Email: The email address of the lead. (For LMS Sync only).

  • State: The state of the lead.

  • User Ip: The lead IP address. (For the LMS Sync only).

  • Pub: The Publisher's earnings.

  • AGN: The Agent payment.

  • REF: The Referral payment.

  • ADM: Admin revenue.

  • TTL: Total revenue.

You can narrow down the search results by using the following filters:

  • Date: Select the date range for the report.

  • Email: Enter the email address of the lead. (For LMS only).

  • Phone Number: Enter the phone number of the lead. (For Call Logic only).

  • Publisher Source ID: Enter the unique identification number of the Publisher source.

  • Buyer: Select the Buyer.

  • Status: Select the status of the lead.

  • Product: Select the Product.

  • Publisher: Select the Publisher.

Note: Leads are shown and deleted for the selected Product and Date only. Update the filters to check for any other leads associated with the entered email.

Once the report is generated, you can either completely delete presented leads from the system or partially delete lead data in the system.

To delete all the information about the presented leads (except for the unique identifier fields: “Email” field for LMS Sync and the “Cell Phone” for Call Logic) from the system, click the “Delete” button. To confirm the action, click the “Delete” button in the “Delete” pop-up window.

The Partial Deletion feature allows you partially delete lead data from the system. To select fields that will not be deleted by the Partial Delete option, go to the System Management > Products section, select the Product and go to the “Lead Deletion Settings” tab. Turn the toggle on to select fields that should not be deleted and click the “Save” button to complete the action. By default, Email (For LMS) and Phone Number (Call Logic) fields are enabled, as these fields are unique system identifiers.

To make the partial deletion of the lead information, click the “Partial Delete” button. Click the “Partial Delete” button in the “Partial Delete” pop-up window to complete the action.

To go back to the “Lead Search” section, click the “Search Mode” button.

In the “Lead Deletion Logs” report, you can review lead deletion activity. Read more about the report in the Knowledge Base article.

When the deleted lead re-enters the system it is processed as a new lead according to the Duplicate settings.