My Profile Modal Window

The My Profile modal window allows you to get quick access to the profile's global settings and security sections, change the system’s mode, switch between systems and users, and sign out from the account.

To view the My Profile modal window, click the user’s icon in the upper right corner. 

my profile1The following actions are available in the “My Profile” modal window: 

1. Switch the “Dark Mode”  toggle to the “On” position to change the system’s appearance to dark mode. 

my profile2

2. To get quick access to the My Profile > Global Settings section, click the user’s name or email address. 
3. To view the Security audit page, click the “Security Check” button. 

my profile3In the “Account Security Audit” block, click the hyperlinks to be transferred to the corresponding sections and proceed with the recommendations. 

Read more about the Security Audit Page in this Knowledge Base article.

4. Click the “Lock Screen” button to set up an auto-locking screen by PIN code after 20 minutes. 

my profile4 

After redirecting to the Account Settings > My Profile > Security > Pin Settings section, fill in the following fields: 

  • Status: Select the status of the auto-locking screen feature (Active, Disabled). 
  • Requested PIN code after authorization: Select “Yes” to request a PIN code after authorization. 
  • Pin: Enter the PIN code. 
  • Repeat Pin: Repeat the PIN code. 

Click the “Save” button to apply settings. 

5. To change the profile picture, click the “Change” button on the avatar circle and proceed from within the 

6. Click the “Add Account” button to switch the pre-saved account in the system or to add another one using the “Sing in with a different account” form. To delete the account from the pre-saved authorization page, click the “X” button. 

my profile57. To change the current system you are working in, click the “System” button and select the System where you are already logged in from the “Logged systems” page.

my profile68. To sign out from the account, click the “Sign Out” button.