Ping Tree

What is a ping tree? Here’s everything you need to know about Phonexa’s ping tree and ping tree types LMS Sync and Call Logic support.

Ping-Tree - the list of priority Campaigns for Buyers who buy the leads under certain conditions (personal data, loan size, state, etc). It distributes and sells Leads to different Buyers according to the set priority and strategy that supports your business goals.

LMS Sync supports the following ping-tree types:

  • Main processing - results in the consumer moving down the ping-tree and being presented as a redirect page after the Buyer accepts the post.

  • Silent - simultaneously posts to all Campaigns that match with the consumer’s filters.

  • Exit Offer List - results in the consumer moving down the ping-tree, and once declined, being redirected to a specific offer.

  • Exit Page - consists of all the Campaigns at the exit page. The consumer is only presented with offers that match their filtering criteria.

Call Logic supports the following ping-tree types:

  • Direct Call - the consumer goes through an IVR and answers series of identifying questions. The system then matches the consumer with a Buyer and the call is transferred.

Read how to Create and Activate Ping Tree in the article.