Publisher Price Reject

The Publisher Price Reject feature allows sending counteroffers to the Publishers for the price-rejected leads in the reject response.

To enable the Publisher Price Reject feature, go to the Publisher Management > Publishers section, select the Publisher from the list, and click the “View” button in the “Action” column. Choose the “Advanced” tab and scroll down to the “Price Reject Settings” block. Select the “Turn On” option from the “Status” drop-down list and click the “Save” button to confirm the changes.

When enabled, if a lead gets presented to the Campaign with enabled price reject settings and the Campaign replies with a price reject offer, a new price offer will be sent in the reject response to the Publisher.

For example:

A lead from the Publisher with Rev-Share set to 70% gets presented to a Price Reject Campaign with $100 min price and a Campaign replies with a Price Reject offer of $50.

If the lead min price is $35 or lower, the lead will be sold, as the maximum possible Publisher payout is $35 ($50 * 0.7 = $35).

If the lead min price is $36, the lead will be rejected, but along with the reject response, the Publisher will receive the Campaign counteroffer of $35 ($50 * 0.7 = $35).

The feature is available only for the “System Default” and “Static Percent” rev-share models. Read more about the Rev-Share settings in this Knowledge Base article.