Publisher Management: Rev-Share Tab

Find out how to switch to the Revshare hybrid interface in our step-by-step guide to the “Rev-Share” tab functionality.

Rev-Share functionality allows you to set and manage the Publisher’s revenue strategy.

To view the Rev-Share settings, go to the Publisher Management > Publishers section, select the Publisher, and click the “View” button in the “Actions” column. Move to the “Rev-Share” tab.

Select one of the available Rev-Share Models:

  • Static Percent: Select this model to set the static revenue percent for the Publisher.

  • Floating Percent: Select this model to set the revenue percent range. When selected, the Rev-Share percentage for each lead is randomly picked from the pre-set range.

  • System Default: Select this model to use the system default percent (70%).

  • Fixed Price: Select this model to set a fixed price for leads. Please note that if the Campaign min price is lower than the Publisher’s fixed price, leads from this Publisher won’t get presented to the Campaign.

  • Fixed Price Min/Max: Select this Rev-Share model to set the minimum and maximum fixed price for the Publisher (depending on the sold price, the Publisher will receive min or max price as revenue). Note: This Rev-Share model will not work for products with Ping-Post type.

You can select the following additional settings:

  • Fixed Payout for Dynamic Campaigns: When enabled, Publisher earnings will be calculated according to the Сampaign min price settings, regardless of the final lead price.

  • Strict Revshare on Tiers: When enabled, the Publisher earnings will be calculated according to the selected Rev-Share model based on the Сampaign min price, regardless of the lead tier price (Publisher min price for a lead).

Example: There is a Campaign with the Min Price of $100. The Publisher Rev-Share is set to 50%. The Publisher sent a lead with min price (tier) of $85. If the setting is disabled, the received lead will be sold for 85$ to this Campaign based on the requested price. If the setting is enabled, the received lead will not get presented to this Campaign, as the estimated Publisher earnings according to Rev-Share settings will be $50 (50% of the Campaign's min price of $100), which is lower than the requested price.

  • Strict Revshare on Price Rejects: Similar to “Strict Rev-Share on Tiers,” but applies to leads that were price-rejected. It can be enabled only with the “Strict Rev-Share on Tiers” option enabled as well.

  • Enable Rev-Share per Buyer`s Campaign: This option allows you to set a specific Rev-Share model for the selected Campaigns.

  • Also copy (overwrite) all records to the following publisher(s): This option allows you to copy the Rev-Share settings for the selected Publishers. Note: When enabled, the previous Rev-Share settings for the selected Publishers will be overwritten.