Event Notifications: Tracking tab

The “Tracking” tab in the Event Notifications section allows you to set a tracking rule that is triggered by system notifications.

To view the list of tracking rules, go to the System Management > System Notifications > Event Notifications section and select the “Tracking” tab.

tracking tab main-1

The list contains the following information:

  • Id: The unique identification number of the tracking rule.
  • Trigger: The name of the trigger that is set in this rule.
  • Trigger Settings: The list of the settings for the trigger.
  • Action: The action to perform according to the rule.
  • Action Settings: The list of settings for the action.
  • Status: The status of the rule (Active/Disabled).
  • Created At: The date and time of the rule creation.
  • Author: The name of the user who created the rule.

To set up the tracking rule, click the “Add Rule” button.

Select the required options in the “Add Rule” pop-up window: 

  • Trigger: Select the event that triggers the action (Notification triggered).
  • Action: Select the event tracking type. Once you select the preferable event, click the “Next” button to proceed with the setup.

 Follow the instructions in the corresponding article for the selected action:

add rule main

The “Trigger Settings” block allows you to set up additional filters for the selected event. Fill in the following fields:

  • Notification: Select the notification to trigger the tracking rule.
  • Email: Enter the email address for the notification to narrow down the trigger events (optional).

add rule trigger setting

The “Action Settings” block allows you to configure the action required for the rule setup. Fill in the required fields depending on the tracking type.

Click the “Save Rule” button to complete the action.

To test the existing tracking rule configuration, click the “Test Run” button in the “Actions” column. Fill in the test data in the provided fields that match the tracking rule configuration placeholders. Click the “Confirm” button to complete the action.

test runOnce the test run is executed, the result is displayed in the “Tracking Log” report via the “Test Runs” tab. Click the “Proceed to the Log” button to view the “Tracking Log” report. Read more about the Tracking Log report in this Knowledge Base article.

success test run

To edit the existing rule, click the “Config” button in the “Actions” column.

To delete the rule from the system, click the “Delete” button in the “Actions” column.